the menu

• breakfast •

bacon stack frenchtoast

Breakfast served until 14.30

greek yoghurt, muesli served with fresh fruit & honey. R55

bacon stack – ciabatta, cheddar, bacon, tomato relish and fried eggs or scrambled eggs R64

health stack – rye, scrambeled egg, pesto & cherry tomatoes R64

-emmentaler, syrup & bacon R64
-nutella, fried banana & icecream R64
– fruit, cinnamon and sugar R64
– bacon, parmesan & spicy relish R64

Breakie toastie; egg, bacon, relish, cheddar and rocket R64

• lunch •

our menu changes daily.

IMG_8098-0 IMG_8092-0IMG_7935

Love Food Kitchen_by_Khotso_Tsaagane-92

we have a big harvest table consisting of a variety of fresh salads, a “mealof the day” and 2-3 choices of ‘protein’. specialty sandwiches, our bread is artisan baked from ‘black forest bakery’

• sandwiches •

speciality sandwiches, our bread is artisanal baked from ‘black forest bakery’

• burgers •

on Fridays we have a limited amount of pure beef, chicken & veggie burgers, they are served on sesame seed rolls with lettuce, red onion, gherkin, tomato & a variety of toppings & sauces R55


• sweets •

our sweet treats include brownies, lemon tart, Paul’s homemade icecream, homemade choc chip cookies

• prices •

IMG_8592lemon and choc

Small Salad (choice of 3 salads): R48
Large Salad (choice of 5 salads): R64

add PROTEIN : R20

MEAL OF THE DAY (a different one everyday) :lasagne/ stew / pasta /curry /wraps R50

sandwich: R42

FRIDAY build your own burger
Beef OR veggie: R55
chicken: R50
wedges / salad add on: R12

brownie R13
Cookie: R13
lemon tart: R25

Paul’s Icecream: R26

5 roses, rooibos & earl grey : R16
TEA PIGS herbal tea: R18
Hot chocolate R24
gingerbeer & lemonade : R20
bos ice tea : R20
sodas : R16
still & sparkling water : R16
cappuccino : R20
latte : R24
Americano : R18
single espresso : R12
double espresso : R16
red cappuccino : R26
chococcino R25





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