Coffea Arabica


Our coffee offering- Coffea Arabica – is personally selected and micro-roasted by Alessandro Craparo – a PhD researcher with a passion for coffee. Inspired by this research in East Africa, Alessandro applies Science, love and passion in selecting and roasting his coffee.

He seeks to build a personal relationship with the farmers who cultivate the coffee beans and visits them on a regular basis.

His philosophy is simple; whichever coffee tastes the best to you is the best coffee in the world ❤

Together we meticulously tasted all his suggested coffees before settling on what we think is the perfect single origin for 'love food' – Cameroon Kouoptamo. It has a big body, a deep earthy bittersweet chocolate taste and a lingering blackcurrant finish.


We also stock 250g packs of Guatemala Antigua, Ethiopian Sidamo and an exciting new micro-lot coffee from Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Please visit Coffea Arabicas website: | +27 82 838 1747

sandro farmers
Fantastic father & son who run a beautiful lowland arabica plantation in Uganda


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