the cafe

Love Food Kitchen_by_Khotso_Tsaagane-88

‘love food’ is a deli-style cafe where you can come to enjoy food that is freshly made every day.

It’s a wonderful alternative to the traditional; fast food and mass – produced supermarket – ready meals as it’s deliciously tasty, healthy and wholesome. It’s the kind of food you’d love to cook at home, but never find the time to.

Pop in and sit down or get your favourite meal to go!

Our colourful harvest table is on display everyday.
The food is put out at 11am and it is usually cleared by 2pm OR when it sells out.
So make sure to come early to avoid disappointment!

We have created a ‘homely’ environment at love food, so please come ready to share a table with other guests, help yourself to food and generally just be happy 🙂

OPEN MON – FRI 06.30AM- 3.00PM | 083 602 6511

Love Food Kitchen_by_Khotso_Tsaagane-132

All ‘love foods’ packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable products from EcoPack, a Cape Town based company specializing in corn-based compost friendly containers
The packaging is made from renewable plant based materials such as sugar cane waste fibre, wood cellulose, corn starch, recycled unbleached paper.

Love Food Kitchen_by_Khotso_Tsaagane-92

Our tea is supplied from Teapigs, a London based company, the tea temples are made from biodegradable corn starch. Teapigs packaging is fully recyclable, and the cardboard used to make the packaging is FSC certified.

Love Food Kitchen_by_Khotso_Tsaagane-85


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