about me

‘I live to eat’

I’m totally food obsessed, anything from sourcing, prepping, cooking or baking but most of all eating. My world revolves around food. Give me a good cookbook, a kitchen and I’m the happiest girl in this world. I spend my free time hunting for new & exciting recipes.

Don’t ever expect me to stick to a recipe, as I read it my mind ticks overtime and every imaginable food combination pops into my head.

My passion for food probably came about because I am ALWAYS hungry 😉 I started to show an interest in cooking in high school and when I was 16 I set a goal to own my own cafe one day.

How ‘love food’ came about:

I completed my schooling at Oakhill School in Knysna in 2006 and spent 2007 at Silwood Chefs College in Cape Town where I received my diploma.

2008 and most of 2009 I spent in London where I got some  valuable work experience; this is where I fell in love with Yotam Ottolenghi’s style and concept which made me even more determined to achieve my dream.

In 2010 ‘love food’ was born as a small catering business from home; concentrating on the healthy way to prepare and eat food without detracting from its taste and attraction – using plenty of herbs, fresh, healthy products and the “low – fat” substitute.

This has been operating successfully so onto the next step, here I am, ‘love food, kitchen, deli & cafe’ is a reality 🙂

much love,



Opening day 27 August 2012

Our 1st Birthday

2nd bday
Our 2nd Birthday

3rd bday
Our 3rd Birthday

4 years

Our 4th birthday



16 thoughts on “about me

  1. Jamie is will be a regular visitor to your sit. Because my children is so far from me I am not twitter or facebook literate.

  2. Wow girl – you did it!!!!!!!!!! So proud…will be bringing some friends for lunch pretty soon!!!!!!!!! Good luck (although you don’t need it!) Love Luls

  3. It looks perfect. The perfect place to reflect. The perfect place to fall in love. The perfect place to sit and write a novel. The perfect place to have the perfect meal. I’m in love with this perfection.

  4. Hi Jamie, your food is absolutely fabulous and thank you for sharing your recipes. I also love cooking and experimenting but I don’t have the desire to do it as a career as such. Not yet anyway. It’s more a hobby. Or perhaps therapy? Both I belive for me. Have you considered having cooking classes perhaps? I think you’d have quite an audience. Many of us love cooking but just don’t have the time to go to chef school as we have our day jobs. I would love to learn the basics and fundamentals of food, herbs, spices, interesting combo’s and stuff. If you ever decide to host a cooking session, I’ll be the first to sign up. I quite enjoy you style of cooking and the result obviously is amazing. And please also consider publishing a recipe book. I’d be first in line to purchase it. Well done and keep at it!
    Lettie Basani Phume

  5. Have been there twice now and enjoyed the atmoshpere and food a lot!
    Well done for this fresh, new, innovative place.
    Will be back soon.

  6. So proud of you Jamie – I know when you used to sit next to me at work in London and talk about all this and now its a reality – you were amazing to work with and I always knew you would be a great success…maybe one day, i will get to come and see the place for myself…..Good work girl, Laura

  7. I’ve been to love food 3x this week…I simply can’t get enough.i love the simplicity,and freshness not forgetting the warm fuzzy feeling you get with every spoonful.Thank you Jamie for following your dreams and brining your brilliance to the world.Your deli is the bestest,warmest,family feeling place I have ever been.Cooking Lesson….Can’t wait(please make it happen)…

    • Khaya. thank you thank you thank you for the very sweet message, messages like yours really motivate me and keep me inspired to be creative 🙂 lots of love xoxox

  8. i simply cant get enough of love food!!! wow Jamie ure talented and smart.. you brought light to my family in-terms of food creativity.. love u lots girl!!!

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