Monday 22 April Menu


Salad / Veg: honey & mustard corn salad/ pea & baby marrow with a soya dressing/ roasted butternut & beetroot salad/ mixed green salad/ potato salad with homemade mayo / kidney bean & butterbean salad

Protein: Pork sausage with honey & mustard/ calamari / chicken pieces

Special: macaroni & cheese / macaroni and cheese with crispy ham

Sandwiches : mozzarella, sundried tom & pesto /ham, cheddar, spicy sauce & red onion /beef, cheddar & gherkin / chicken Mayo

Sweets: TODAYS SPECIAL: MALVA PUDDING WITH CUSTARD R18/ berry crumble muffins/ coconut ice / lemon tart R25 / rocky road R9 / Pauls homemade icecream – Nutella OR White Rabbit


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